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Wigan Escape Rooms Alien Quarantine

Alien Quarantine


You have been abducted, and awaken from a Cryogenic coma onboard an Alien Vessel.
You are the subject of ongoing research into the Human Genome, and set on course to The Mothership for Quarantine and Sterilisation.
Quickly you realise that you are alone onboard. The Aliens died shortly after been infected by the Human ‘Common Cold’ virus.
Do you have what it takes to gain control of the craft and steer it back to earth before the fuel runs out?


Wigan Escape Rooms Prison Room

The Prisoner


You have been framed and locked up in a maximum security prison a crime you did not commit.
A dangerous serial killer is still at large, and you have a vital piece of evidence that will bring
the dangerous psychopath to Justice and prove your innocence.
The clock is ticking as you await you final hour. Tick Tock Tick Tock


Wigan Escape Rooms Atomic Winter

Atomic Winter


The administrative team running the fallout shelter have starved to death.
You have managed to survive until the fallout has ended.
But will you see sunlight again?


Horror House Wigan Escape Rooms

Little Dead Riding Hood


Based loosely on the original fairytale, Your mother has vanished, and you are home alone.
The bloodthursty wolf is at the door, and you need to make your way through the woods to grandmas house.
You wont like what you find!